Dream Draw Dream Blog

I have vivid, silly, awkward, embarrassing, sexy, exhausting dreams. So, I draw them. The dream collection allows me to explore the creativity of subconscious behavior, as well as return to the simplicity of line making. Each dream entry is given no more than an hour of attention and only pens are used. The DreamDrawDream Blog is updated on a regular basis and has been on ongoing project for over three years.

Dream Draw Dream Paintings

Now that I have years of material from the dream drawing record books, I can breathe more life into them with larger canvases, vibrant colors and textures. As I am taking imagery from multiple drawings, another story can unfold. I am creating scenes that the viewer can identify with emotionally, no matter how surreal the setting or interactions.

Conversations / Water(s) / Faces / Equis

I am intrigued by the evolution of symbolism as it is demonstrated through the process of image making. By offering juxtapositions to reality's rules, my figures, objects, colors, textures and patterns find each other within my paintings, prints and drawings and begin to socialize. I incite conversation by creating unusual, vulnerable spaces where objects can be personified to converse with the body language of the figure(s). All of these elements share a certain ambiguity due to the image’s suspended moment in time. Through the transformative process of communication, my characters engage in a form of storytelling both within and beyond the visual plane.

The complexity of my work exhibits forms of attachment, entanglement and interaction. I strive to preserve the innocence in situations while maintaining an underlying current of mystery and fragility. What are the consequences of these expressions? What decisions, opinions and attitudes will these images provoke? I enjoy having numerous interpretations. To be specific is to give an ending. I am not searching for a conclusion, but for an introduction.


Environment is a huge influence on creative process and production. My surroundings are a conglomerate of nostalgia, dreams and the physical. These landscapes allow me to recognize space, play with structure, form and color.